The capacity-building program is a sustainable development approach based on three facets: social (partnership and cooperation), economic (stimulating exportation and the economy), and educational (access to knowledge).

It aims to respond to the capacity-building needs of local suppliers while developing skills through local educational institutions. This, in turn, is intended to encourage business opportunities amongst all players, particularly organizations and government bodies in the countries involved. To that end, the development of training agreements between African suppliers, educational institutions for the mining industry, and Québec businesses will be supported.

This has the advantage of:

Positioning Québec’s mining industry on foreign markets

Developing and expanding Québec’s expertise in mining knowledge

Increasing business relationships and economic opportunities in African markets

The biggest advantage is the promotion of Québec and its mining expertise.

This program helps strengthen communication between mining stakeholders and mining companies, mobilize mining stakeholders towards sustainable development from a business perspective, create jobs, grow businesses, develop skills and competitiveness, and advance the industry.

The program will bring together many different stakeholders—Quebec companies, educational institutions, foreign contractors, local suppliers, and more.

Networking with local players

Strategic positioning for opportunities outside the scope of this program

Integration of the supply chain

Business intelligence

Promotion of expertise


The capacity-building program mobilizes Québec’s strategic stakeholders in order to increase local suppliers’ business opportunities within African mining companies’ supply chains by establishing long-lasting partnerships with Québec’s mining industry.
Our local presence, as well as our programs and activities, mean that we can provide personalized support for Québec companies’ international business development. Our partnerships and network of contacts also allow us to map foreign mining companies’ supply chains, identify their needs and challenges, then mobilize and inform innovative Québec suppliers who can provide solutions.

For Africa:

  • Skills development
  • Growth of local expertise for the existing mining industry
  • Integration of the supply chain
  • Creation of jobs, sustainable business partnerships, and value for the community

For Québec:

  • Quick creation of business opportunities and partnerships
  • Networking with local players
  • Strategic positioning for opportunities outside the scope of this program
  • Business intelligence
  • Promotion of expertise
  • Integration of the supply chain

The capacity-building program is ultimately focused on skills development. It includes the following contributions from the INMQ and 48e Nord International:

  • Directory of Québec mining experts
  • Coordination of partnerships with educational institutions and companies
  • Creation of framework agreements with federal governments in the countries where the program will run
  • Identification of local business opportunities
  • Implementation of the program

This program will bring together many different partners, including businesses, educational institutions, and government bodies in Québec and Africa.

ADVANTAGE: By registering for this program, your company will become a member of 48e Nord International for one year.

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The Molecule48 initiative reflects Technosub’s values by fostering a culture that embraces change, encourages the growth of its partners, and prioritizes exchanges and human relationships.

Patrick Martel, P.Eng., Vice President, Innovation and Integrated Solutions Development, Technosub

We enjoyed an amazing learning experience supported by the wonderful team at 48e Nord International and a large number of external experts. We proved that by working together, we can take on huge challenges in record time. Any company that’s hoping to grow should embrace the collaborative spirit we discovered during the Molecule48 program.

Benoit Guenette, Director of Engineering, BGI


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