Authentic communication; a must with Jolyne Lalonde.

25 August 2022

By : Samuelle Duplessis


A few weeks ago, the 48e Nord International team had the pleasure of meeting Jolyne Lalonde, PCC professional coach and management consultant. Passionate about communication and management for more than thirty years, she has been offering specialized services in management and communication coaching since 2008. Ms. Lalonde is PCC accredited at the International Coach Federation, she supports companies and public and parapublic organizations towards achieving results while developing their skills in nurturing authentic relationships with their colleagues.

During our first session, we had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in the world of authentic communication. By participating in this training workshop, we had three objectives:

  • Better understanding of our interrelationships
  • Develop our ability to approach delicate situations with respect for ourselves and others
  • Practice communicating with authenticity

You might ask yourself; what does authentic communication eat in winter? Well, authentic communication is a form of communication that demonstrates transparency and sincerity. In the business world as we experience it daily, we are constantly in communication with colleagues, clients, partners, etc. Authentic communication is based on the principle that by expressing an emotion and a need, followed by an open and negotiable question, one gives oneself the chance to communicate with the other without judgment, accusation, generalization, or comparison. For the international team at 48e Nord, this means better communication channels with our customers, but also developing our team in a healthy and positive atmosphere to offer you the best of ourselves.

Our team once again sends a thousand thanks to Jolyne for your time and her practical advice, looking forward to participating in the second session soon.


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