Our expertise at your service

Whether you’re looking to improve your positioning or your commercialization and export strategies, our experts will be happy to advise you.


Our diagnosis is a free service that gives you access to expert advice. First, we will create a snapshot of your organization, your positioning, and your commercialization and export practices. Next, our experts will make recommendations tailored to your situation, your needs, and your priorities.

Market analysis

Market analysis allows you to gather key information about a foreign market or sector. Hand in hand with the company, our experts make sure to structure their research according to your needs. Once equipped, you will be able to make more informed decisions for exploring new markets and developing your marketing plan.

Competitive analysis

Our experts carry out targeted research on your direct and indirect competition. We do an analysis to verify several key variables such as positioning, strategies or notoriety of competitors according to your needs. By having a better knowledge of the state of competition in a market, companies will be able to better position themselves in a targeted sector as well as meet the needs of their customers.

Designing a value proposal

A value proposition is a statement that clearly and compellingly describes how your business is meeting customer needs. Concretely, it makes sure to match the real needs of your customers and your offer of goods and services. Through a dynamic workshop in a co-creation formula, our experts will accompany you in the design and development of this proposal.

Identification of prospects

Our advisors identify, evaluate and select potential prospects in order to accelerate your steps in developing a business plan. We make sure that they meet the desired criteria of your company. These can represent customers, intermediaries or partners with whom you can initiate discussions.

Support in funding requests

Several financing programs exist to support companies in their business development. 48e Nord International helps you find the best option that will allow you to optimize your financing and our support during the completion of applications will ensure that you present yourself in your best light.


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