Courses for individuals or companies

48e Nord International helps develop essential skills in positioning, marketing and exporting. The objective is to ensure the success of entrepreneurs in local, national and international markets. The training courses adapt to new trends and respond to global business models.

Our public events

As part of its mandate, the organization offers businesses a program that includes several activities. Training, webinars, workshops, trade and exploratory missions, networking activities and experience sharing are offered. These training activities meet the needs of companies and adapt to the reality of their business development. Plus, if you’re a member, you’ll be eligible for discounted rates on these activities.

Personalized training

In addition, we offer personalized training activities to companies. These can take several forms. For example, following a diagnosis, our experts can offer you training related to the recommendations raised. You can also contact us to tell us about your needs.

The themes covered

Development activities aim to allow companies to deepen their knowledge of positioning, marketing and exporting. The goal is to increase your autonomy and efficiency in an increasingly competitive world. The expertise transmitted through training activities is aimed at the sustainable business development of companies.

The themes are therefore diverse and in different areas:

  • Marketing;
  • Logistics and transport;
  • Internal management;
  • The communications;
  • Identification and prioritization of international markets;
  • The sale;
  • Legal aspects;
  • External markets;
  • Free trade agreements;
  • Opportunities for different sectors;
  • Development;
  • The negociation;
  • And many others.


    Our partners

    • Desjardins
    • Canada Economic Development For Quebec Regions
    • Investissement Québec International
    • Commerce International Québec